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> Customer Testimonials <... "The Temp was -9 and that is without the wind chill. My "Timber Mallard"
from Cutt Down Games Calls didn't freeze up once. I don't know how because all the other calls we
tried to use froze up, so the next day the only call that I brought along and the only one we used was
the "Timber Mallard". Thanks for making such good quality products."
                            Sincerely,  Rob Brandt - Montana, USA
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All Calls have been field tested in North and South America, Mexico, and Canada (from Alaska to Argentina).
At Cutt Down Game Calls, we strive to provide avid hunters only the best in quality calls for enjoying the sports we have come to love and appreciate more than any others... duck, goose, turkey, deer and
varmint hunting.  We manufacture calls for all species of geese, ducks, turkey, deer and predators. If you've ever heard a Cutt Down Call in a duck blind, or while laying out on the cold ground when hunting
geese or been on the business end of a shotgun while turkey hunting, you'll understand why we believe Cutt Down Calls stand above the rest. Each one of our calls is tested and proven in the field, under
actual hunting conditions. Our components are of the highest quality in the call manufacturing industry. We offer several models and price ranges throughout our whole line. Take a look around our web site
and contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. We look forward to hearing feedback from the hunting public.
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Testimonial:  Good afternoon. I want to let someone know that you guys make the best sounding calls I have ever used.  I am a professional waterfowl guide
in Garwood, TX and I get customers ask me all time what kind of call are you blowing it sounds great. I always say cut down calls from Texas.  They think it is
some $200 competition call. I say guys those look good in the store but these calls get it done in the field. I have the rice burner that I love the raspiness and I
have the little easy that couldn't be better. Just wanted to let y'all know how much I like your gear and spread the word for y'all out here on the prairie.  
Just trying to take care of my Texas boys............keep up the great work.
                                                                                                        JP Pope,  Red Bluff Prairie Hunting Club
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