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deer kill
deer kill
Twisted Critter Predator Call.
This one call  produces 3 different sounds with the
twist of a wrist.  Select "C" for cotton-tail, "J" for
jackrabbit or "CX"  for coaxer. Field tested &
proven. Deadly on coyotes.   $23.95
Twisted Critter II Predator Call.
This call will yelp, whine, howl and mimic
a coyote bitch in heat or coyote revelry.
Very versitile Coyote call. $17.95
Open Reed Coyote Call.
Produces a wide range of coyote
calling, howls great, produces great
volume when needed. $12.95
Coyote Howler call.  
Open reed style call inside
design, short barrel, makes it
easy to control. Great for
locating coyotes and Turkeys.
Click here to hear call.
Predator Call.
Mimics a rabbit in distress. Has a
stainless steel reed system... Great
for calling Coyotes, bobcats, and
foxes. $12.95
Hawg Squealer Wild Pig Call.
Produces the squeal of wild pigs.
Duplicates sounds of wild pigs fighting
over feed, breeding, or pigs in distress.
Use caution if you hunt from the ground.
deer grunt call
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distress call rabbit
This is not just another deer call, but a full range deer communication device.
This call produces the soft tending grunts and clicks, as well as extra load throaty
grunts of a mature rutting bucks. Easily adjusted to also produce the estrus bleats
and cries of does and fawns. Comes with the “Extend-A-Tube” for variable
tones and pitch. Offered in Cocobolo ($17.95) & Black ABS ($10.95).
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hog kill
coyote kill
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