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Patriot Series 911 Short-Reed goose call. Has a unique, back-bored design with
"SHORT REED", Canada calls on the market!  It produces sharp, high-pitched clucks,
double clucks, pleading calls, and low guttural grunts.  The tone channel and reed
design allows this call to be exceptionally easy to blow, yet, get louder than any call
on the top end. This call comes with laser engraving, CNC'd all metal polished band,
double locking o-ring design, and custom turned, hand polished acrylic (also offered
in cocobola). Professional guides and hardcore goose hunters from Canada to
Texas have proven this call "DEADLY" on all species of geese including Cacklers,
Lessers, Hutchinsons, Taverns, Richardsons, Greaters, Snows and Specks! No
matter what species, the new Patriot Series will have you covered up!
Premium materials and components for a premium goose call.  This call has a
unique back bored metallic sound chamber, like no call you've ever seen.
Lifetime guarantee.
Patriot Series 911 Demo
Quality Design and Craftsmanship,
all Made in the U.S.A.
Short Reed Goose Calls with intregal Metallic Sound Chamber
Available in Acrylic, Cocobola, and Cocobola / Acrylic

Also available in Custom SNOW and SPECK
acrylic goose call
Black Night
Mallard Green
Orange Pearl
Bass Boat
Blue Pearl
Golden Oak
Texas Bo Darc
& Acrylic
Cocobola /
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