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turkey hunt
These friction calls incorporate an integral acoustically designed sound chamber that lets the call function as if it were a finely tuned musical instrument. Most
friction calls only play well close to the edge and seem to get dead in the middle. Not this one! We wanted you to be able to use the entire surface of the call.
The angled inside edges allows each yelp, cut, cackle, cluck and purr to vibrate crisply down the walls and out the new “Tri-Flow” sound slots from the edges
or the center of the call. Whether it’s the “Hen Under Glass” or the “Straight Slate”, each call is guaranteed to be of the highest grade production friction call
that money can buy. Each call includes purple heart striker. Lifetime guarantee!
glass slate turkey call
04010 Hen Under Glass
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slate turkey call
04020 Straight Slate
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box call
Limb Hanger Box Call
Black Walnut $24.95
mouth call
02010-Single Reed.  Excellent beginners call. Great for seductive clucks, yelps, and cackles. Easy to use!  $5.95
mouth call
02020-True-Tone Double.  Two thin reeds premium stretched to produce yelps, cackles, purrs and cuts. Great for early
morning tree calls. Easy to blow.  $5.95
mouth call
02030-Raspy Double Nelly.  Two premium stretch 0.12 thick latex reeds with cut corners. This call is very raspy and
easy to blow!  $5.95
mouth call
02040-Twin-Split & Underbit.  3 latex reeds premium stretched to produce realistic cuts, yelps and cackles of an adult hen.
top reed has a half-moon to produce rasp when you need it. Also a great call to produce the "kee-kee run" of a lost turkey.
mouth call
you have ever heard in a mouth diaphragm turkey call! Great for loud calling on windy days. Top reed has a half moon cut to
produce raps when you need it.  $7.95
mouth call
02060-Ol' Bitch.   Three 0.12 thick latex rees with a 0.08 thick latex backer reed premium stretched to produce extremely
raspy yelps, cuts, cackles, clucks and purrs of an old boss hen! $8.95
The Ultimate Locator Call...
pileated woodpecker peacock locator call
This call produces the exact high-pitched
shrill of a pileated woodpecker. Use the
Pileated Woodpecker call in mid-day to get
a shock gobble response. Also a great call
for varmint hunters. Comes with
"Quick-Tune" Reed Location System.
Guaranteed to blow wet!
The ultimate locator call in the world of turkey the
market and is unmatched by all others. Produces
the high pitched shrill of a peacock. Best used on
windy days and when that old gobbler want well
over 15,000 HTZ. Takes very little effort to
operate. $12.95
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